Kuku Das

The 48th OSA convention : An amazing experience!


The convention on the cruise idea was very exhilarating, but sounded very challenging at the beginning. Everything is possible when there’s a will, proved again by the dedicated OSA executives, a team of passionate volunteers and a group of supportive members.
This convention on the Royal Carribian cruise had a complete package of all the traditional programs that happen during a regular convention. Among these were the events such as OSA got talent, Champu, Chhanda & Odissi, Subrina Biswal performing arts competition, Pramode Patnaik drama competition, Odia speech, vocabulary competition,  Bhajan, Women’s forum, Kabita patha, Antakshari are name to few. The official inaugural, closing ceremony, award ceremony and GBM meeting have captured the essence of OSA.The Orpheum theater was simply majestic. It would be any artist’s dream to perform in such a great ambience. The spotlight lounge was another beautiful meeting place. The cover page of Urmy, the souvenir was reflecting the theme of the convention, the ‘Ajaya Jatra’.
The mouthwatering food which included the fine cuisine from all over the world was a joy to the ever hungry Odia mind and soul. With unlimited food service, I’m pretty sure everyone have had to come back with few extra unwanted pounds.
The picnic at Nirvana Beach, Bahamas was marvelous. It was an unique experience for all of us. Arranged by a few volunteers and their unbelievable welcoming gesture made the entire environment nostalgic. They have tried their level best to give the comfort to us. It reminded so much of Odisha and its great tradition of hospitality. OSA should consider this place to be a destination convention in future.
Last but not least, time arrived to pass the baton. The confidence and willingness of the upcoming new executives to serve this organization for the betterment have assured that OSA continues to be in good hands.
While waiting for a long flight back to California, I’m thinking, how lucky I am to be a part of this beautiful organization. It’s always a pleasure to meet and converse with the senior members, the friends, the little nieces and nephews that I’ve been adding to my extended family every year. There are lot of memories to cherish!
I’m reminded of the great quote of JFK. By giving it a little twist, I’m thinking, “Ask not what OSA can do for you, ask what you can do for OSA”…


Kuku Das
Santa Clara, CA