OSA Awards Winners

48th OSA Convention – Remembrance, Recognition, and Awards 


During General Body Meeting a moment of silence was observed in memory of Dr. Gauri Das, OSA’s founding president, Mrs. Sworna Senapati and Mr. Sujeet Mohanty who are no longer with us. They were remembered for their contributions to the society and Odia community at large.


Volunteer Appreciation Plaques were presented to Mr. Srikant Sarangi, Mr. Pratap Rout and Mr. Jagannath Patra from the Bahamas.


OSA Nomination Based Awards (announced previously with brief biographies – published in Urmi)

Dr. Sukant Mohapatra – Distinguished Odia Award

Dr. Basant Mohapatra – Arun Das Memorial Kalashree Award

Ms. Jessika Baral – Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence

Mr. Anshuman Mishra – Youth Volunteer Award

OSA Participation Awards 


Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing (Sr.)

Amrita Sahu, VA (1st Prize)

Priyanka Choudhury, NJ (2nd Prize)

Aaryana Rajanala, NJ (3rd Prize)

Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing (Jr.)

Sumedha Jena, NJ (1st Prize)

Ananya Pradhan, NJ (2nd Prize)

Dhruv Das, MD(3rd Prize)

Below participants received Outstanding Performance Award Certificates under following categories for their excellent performances during 48th OSA Convention. In addition each participant received $100 Amazon gift card.


Subrina Biswal Performing Arts-Jr

Anisha Senapati

Abhinna Das

Adwaita Das

Subrina Biswal Performing Arts -Sr

Saheb Panda

Alisha Senapati


Sanjana sahoo

Aditya Patnaik

Ankita Mohapatra

Odia Vocabulary

Abhinna Das

Anisha Senapati

Aditya Patnaik

Odia Speech

Ankita Mohapatra

Alisha Senapati

Aryaman Mohapatra

Sameksha Mohapatra

OSA Got Talent-Tiny Tot

Adwaita Das

Adwait Patnaik

Tanvi Mishra

OSA Got Talent- Jr

Shobhna Sahoo, Eesha Ray

Aditya Patnaik

Abhinna Das

Debasnata and Debabandya Dash

OSA Got Talent- Sr

Saheb Panda

Alisha & Anisha Senapati

Anand Das

Sanjana Sahoo and Anwesha Sarangi

Dev Satpathy

Ankita Mohapatra

Aryaman Mohapatra

2017 Pramode Patnaik Inter-chapter Drama

Washington DC and Ohio Chapter (Joint recipients)

Congratulations to all participants and awardees.




OSA awards 2017 – Call for Nomination


Like previous years, this year OSA is inviting its members to nominate the deserving candidates for the OSA awards in various categories. We would like to request Chapter representatives and local Odia community leaders (where OSA chapter doesn’t exist) to circulate the following information in their local community networks.


Click here for the Awards Guidelines


Following are the Award categories.


Nomination Based OSA Awards (Submission Deadline March 31st, 2017)


      1. Distinguished Odia Award (Nomination Form)
      2. Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das Memorial Award (Nomination Form)
      3. Arun Das Memorial Kalashree Award (Nomination Form)
      4. Youth Volunteer Award (Nomination Form)
      5. Yuva Kala Vikas Award (Nomination Form)


Following three awards are open to all odia youth whose parents need not be OSA members


      1. Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence (Nomination Form)
      2. Meghna Memorial Awards for Creative Writing (Mail articles to osaawards2017@gmail.com  submission deadline April 20th, 2017)
      3. Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award (Detailed Information, submission deadline May 1st, 2017)


The deadline for sending the nominations for OSA awards is March 31st, 2017. This date has been chosen to make sure that the Award Committee will get adequate time for the judging process and the recipient will get reasonable amount time to plan to attend the convention personally to receive the award. The deadline is final and not subject to change.


Mrs. Anjana Chowdhury of  MD, USA has graciously agreed to lead the Award Committee with Mrs. Eva Mohanty and Mrs. Swapnalata Rath for the year 2017.


Nominations for all awards (except for Meghna Memorial Award and Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award) should be sent to Award Coordinators at osaawards2017@gmail.com with a copy to the Awards Committee members: Anjana Choudhury (anjachow@hotmail.com), Eva Mohanty (evamohanty@gmail.com) and Swapna Rath (swapna_rath@comcast.net).


Awards requiring documentary proofs such as recommendation letters for Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence (Competition) must be mailed by US/Canada post to Mrs. Anjana Choudhury, 20612 Summer Sweet Terrace, Germantown, MD 20876.


Articles for Meghna Memorial Award must be mailed to souvenir@odishasociety.org. The deadline for submission is April 20th, 2017


Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Awards the Phase 1 business plan must be mailed to info@kalingaventures.org. The deadline for submission is May 1st, 2017. For further information on Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Awards, please visit http://www.kalingaventures.org/whatwedo.php#bpc


Please check  out OSA Award web page for full/other details  http://www.odishasociety.org/osa-awards/